Bridal Course
The Introductory Bridal Makeup course is for individuals who want to dabble into the art of bridal makeup artistry. This course will teach beginners the fundamentals of bridal artistry and educate students on various areas and concepts such as color theory and the proper professional tools needed to create flawless looks. Students will also have access to bridal makeup looks and application techniques needed to start out in the industry.


Bridal Course
The Master Bridal Makeup course has been designed for students who would like to add bridal makeup artistry to their makeup services, or even students who are just starting out. This course is excellent for preparing students to work as a professional bridal makeup artist as well as application of bridal party makeup. The course content cover a variety of techniques and various bridal makeup looks, with the exception of airbrush makeup application.


Bridal Course
The Premier Bridal Makeup course is geared toward students who want to add bridal makeup artistry to their current makeup services or even begin a new career in bridal makeup artistry. Vizio’s Hollywood elite celebrity instructors will take you step by step through various areas of bridal makeup artistry necessary to be successful in the industry. This course includes all the lessons from beginner artistry to premier bridal looks, airbrush makeup application, marketing and more.


Bridal Course
The Elite Bridal Makeup course is for students who are looking to specialize in bridal and wedding party makeup artistry. Vizio’s Hollywood celebrity makeup artists have included their top secrets and techniques used to apply flawless bridal makeup. This course includes all levels of makeup artistry from beginner to advanced artistry including the most popular bridal makeup looks and airbrush application techniques.

Introductory Bridal Makeup course

Master Bridal Makeup Course

Premier Bridal Makeip Course

Elite Bridal Makeup Couses

Professional Brush Set

The proper brushes are a must have for professional makeup artists in order to properly create flawless lasting makeup looks. Vizio Bridal understands not only the importance of having the proper brush set, but also the importance of knowing how to use each brush properly. Each course includes a professional brush set along with a chapter explaining how to use each and every brush, as well as how to sanitize them correctly.

Celebrities Makeup Artist

The Hollywood celebrity makeup artist instructors at Vizio have worked with a long list of celebrity clientele. In the various courses they have included techniques and secrets which they use behind the scenes to make their elite clientele look absolutely flawless. When dealing with elite clientele there is a lot of preparation and an understanding of your client that plays a big role in a successful makeup application. You will learn how to not only retain your clients, but get them impeccably red carpet ready.

Online Learning

Vizio Bridal is proud to offer students from all over the world an education which will allow them to become a professional bridal makeup artist in a convenient and interactive way. Our cloud based makeup education enables students to study and complete their course on their own time and virtually anywhere they wish. Students can complete the courses from any computer or smart device, and even take their lessons with them on their makeup gig to duplicate a technique or two on their client.


After students successfully complete their course they will be able to print their professional elite certificate of completion directly online. Students also have the option to order an original certificate which is sealed and hand signed by the professionals at Vizio. Students are urged to add their certificate to their portfolio and or frame so their clients can see their outstanding achievement.

Facial Academy

Facial Academy

Choosing the Best Bridal Makeup School

There are a number of training institutes that enable young professionals to master the right skills that help them create those perfect looks for brides and ensure they look amazing. It’s always a good idea to opt in for a course that’s on an online platform since this can provide students with the flexibility to attend lectures as and when they like. Vizio has amazing bridal makeup artistry courses and attending this bridal makeup school could be one of the best choices you could enroll into. The experts who instruct at Vizio are trained and have firsthand experience in creating some of the best bridal makeup looks for a number of brides. These include a large number of elite clientele. Vizio is a brand name that people trust and students that have been trained under this institute automatically increase their value in the market since more clients prefer working with professionals that have been trained at Vizio.

Choose a Course That Suits You Best

IF you’ve been planning on attending a bridal makeup school, there are certain things you have in mind and Vizio understands that. Every budding professional has different needs and while some professionals choose to work at salons under the guidance of a senior others like to work independently. There are a number of bridal courses that you could choose from depending on what suits you best. The courses range from introductory to advanced levels of professional bridal makeup training. Whether you’re planning to work independently or at a salon or spa, we have the course to suit your needs which will teach the necessary skills and cover all the important lessons on how to create the perfect bridal makeup looks.

Vizio bridal makeup academy has an established name in the market and offers some of the best bridal makeup artistry courses that enable professionals to master skills that can take them a long way. The course covers various topics on how to deal with various skin tones, highlighting and contouring properly, building a professional bridal makeup kit, understanding the best products that should be used on the bride, trial sessions and more.

These course are designed by professionals who’ve had a lot of experience in the industry and it helps them to pass on some of the most effective tips and tricks that work well for professionals who are striving to establish a name in the industry. These courses provide a certificate of completion at the end of each course that increases the credibility of the professional.